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    Site updated 1/22/2022

    No kittens available at this time

    We have an extensive waiting list and do not expect kittens to be available until late 2022



  • Our Kittens Come With...

    At Marechal Cattery we believe in responsible breeding. All of our pet kittens go to their new homes already spayed or neutered which is included in our reasonable pricing.

    This allows the kittens to recover with their siblings and mother near.

    One month of health insurance is provided to you at no charge.

    This provides piece of mind to you and us as well!

    We feed and only recommend Life's Abundance pet foods and health products

    A bag will be sent home with you. There has never been a recall on LA pet foods.

    All shots and worming treatments are up to date for their age.

    A fecal test is done when leaving here.

    Less expense for you!

    All kittens are microchipped before leaving the cattery

    Included in pricing

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